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We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.

Buresinnova - Cleanleach


If it does not, all human activities have an impact on the environment. Even those that seem more innocent, like gardens. It is difficult to think that gardening can produce any kind of waste, but it does. In fact, when a plant fertilizers, manure drag leftover waters loaded with nitrates that are spread everywhere.

Cleaning water gardens and orchards

IRTA Cabrils researchers have found ways that gardens can be completely organic. Putting a layer of sand beneath the plants, which acts as a filter and drainage water leading to an artificial wetland that makes it a natural treatment, the waters are clean of chemical elements. Now, what is an artificial wetland?

The system works through which plants and microorganisms that are present in natural wetlands, water is cleaned of chemical elements that have accumulated, they can be harmful. Aquatic plants are cleaned drains gardens and orchards.

An initiative developed in Maresme and financed by the Eco-innovation initiative of the European Union.

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