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We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.


BURESINNOVA is a company different from existing landscaping businesses because we do not do conventional gardening. BURESINNOVA gardening is pure engineering and is ready to face the future with greater optimism. BURESINNOVA believes that cities should be better and that much improvement can be accomplished with plant systems.

BURESINNOVA, thanks to the incorporation of advanced technological knowledge in the field of horticulture, has developed the most innovative systems applied to the landscaping to make gardening more in tune with the needs of environmental conservation.

BURESINNOVA presents a completely novel approach in the field of gardening, which is plant architecture and aims to research, development and implementation of projects related to vegetation: green roofs, green walls and gardens with minimal resource consumption. Silvia Bures is the introducer of XERISCAPE in Spain and has always been aware of environmental improvement through the vegetation.BURESINNOVA incorporates the latest technology in hydroponics and biological and engineering monitoring systems.

Under an agreement with Dr. Miguel Urrestarazu, from the University of Almería, BURESINNOVA has developed the first Patent for sustainable green wall, which is completely recirculating, recycled and recyclable and has represented a major technological milestone for the company.


Silvia Burés

Ph.D. in Horticulture from the University of Georgia (U.S.A.). Growing media specialist, was responsible for introducing the XERISCAPE concepts in Spain. Among other books, she has published "XEROJARDINERÍA" and "GROWING MEDIA" and has just published the book "MY PLANTS DO NOT DIE." Silvia directs the Garden Questions Section from La Vanguardia newspaper.

Chairperson of the Working Group on Growing Media of the International Society for Horticutural Science; Delegate of the Growing Media Group of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN / TC 223) and Coordinator of the Spanish Growing Media group AEN / CTN 142.

Founder of the company BURESINNOVA that develops projects with plants applied to architecture (green walls and roofs and hydroponic gardens) and a pioneer in developing new technologies for gardening.


The Green Team BURESINNOVA is a multidisciplinary technical team of agronomists and biologists with extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable applications of landscaping in architecture. Stays up to date with the latest developments in sustainable techniques related to vegetation, architecture and energy and resource savings.

The spirit of Green Team BURESINNOVA serving Plant Architecture