Buresinnova » What we do

We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.


Buresinnova presents a completely novel approach in the field of gardening. Plant architecture aims to research, develop and implement projects related to vegetation when applied to architecture: Green walls and roofs, gardens with minimum resource consumption.

We work alongside architects and landscape designers to integrate vegetation and natural elements in buildings and constructions in order to improve the quality of life in our cities.

Incorporating the latest technology in hydroponics and biological and energetical monitoring systems, we have developed the first Patent for a sustainable green wall, which is completely recirculating, recycled and recyclable and has represented a major technological milestone for the Company.

The development of sustainable gardening is based on hydroponics and xeriscape techniques and is adapted to any situation in architecture: indoor or outdoors. Customized solutions with all types of materials.

Each garden is designed in a unique way and it is adapted to the philosophy of sustainable growth.

Buresinnova has developed innovative techniques to separate the traditional landscaping from a new landscaping that is based on calculations, CO2 compensation and resources management. Buresinnova applies techniques of sustainability in all its activities considering the vegetation and natural conditions that affect plants.



  • Vegetation projects in architecture
  • Calculation of CO2 compensation with plants
  • Studies of energy saving in plant architecture
  • tudies and calculations of water saving in gardening irrigation
  • Green roofs Projects
  • Green walls Projects
  • PHydroponic Gardening Projects
  • Xeriscape Projects
  • Preparation of landscape sub-projects for architects
  • Training in universities, schools and cultural centers, courses and conferences