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We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.

Buresinnova - Vertical Gardening / Green Walls


Buresinnova has patented this new system in Vertical Gardening for the construction of green walls.

Patent pending P200901772

New cultivation system for the construction of green walls developed within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the University of Almeria (Spain). It consists of growing units that form a closed system that recover and reuse the surplus drainage avoiding spills on the environment, and use renewable energy and recycled and recyclable materials for its construction. This development uses the techniques of hydroponics and soilless culture and applies them in the gardening of buildings.

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Each BURESINNOVA green wall is unique and it is a window to landscape in a new dimension


Buresinnova has developed this revolutionary system of Vertical Gardening for creating green walls to everyone.

Ecocco new modular system with built-irrigation system, and responsible uses recycled materials to the environment.

Panels are 60 cm wide x 44 cm high, light, which can be anchored directly to the wall. Suitable for garden or landscape gardening, hobby allow the customer to make their own creations with the modules.

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