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We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.

Buresinnova - Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics, hydroponic farming or soilless culture include those methods and systems that make plants grow outside their natural environment: soil.

Hydroponic gardening is based on incorporating these agricultural engineering techniques for the integration of ornamental plants in architecture, which allows us to incorporate plants in all the dimensions of the building: hanging gardens or attached to walls and ceilings, urban gardens and others that because of their location need to be cultivated with these techniques. They hold also Urban Farming.

The nutrients are provided to these gardens by a nutrient solution that is mixed with irrigation water. They may contain substrate that is used as a means of supporting the plant roots and as a mere carrier of water and nutrients.

No matter where, **BURESINNOVA** finds how. There are no challenges too big. When it comes to plants **BURESINNOVA** always finds a solution.


BURESINNOVA designs container systems, media, irrigation methods and determines the optimal substrate and nutrient solution suitable for each project.

  • Development of plant-water-substrate systems.
  • Hydraulic networks with integrated fertigation and recirculation.
  • Control and processing of sensory information from the climate-water-plant-substrate system.
  • Use of native plants and plants acclimated to growing conditions.
  • Maximum control post-installation and minimal maintenance.
  • Maximum efficiency in water use.
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Maximum sustainability.