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Buresinnova - Arquitectura Vegetal | Creación de Jardines

Buresinnova » Creación de Jardines

We develop projects that incorporate vegetation in architecture. We improve the quality of life in our cities.

Buresinnova - Creación de Jardines


Create a garden. Transform a terrace. Convert this space what I want. An outdoor dining area. An office in the courtyard. A lounge surrounded by plants. Invite a friend. Invite the Amiga. Drink the tea. Rest after a day of backbreaking work. A pool on my terrace. A sofa on my terrace. A mid-afternoon coffee. A dinner. You and I dine alone. Some gintonics with mint finished cutting. Three lemons on my lemon tree. My urban garden. Perfect tomatoes. The shadow of my palm. A deck chair. Better, a hammock. Sunday breakfast. A barbecue with the family. Snacking with children. A child's birthday party. A birthday celebration just you and me. Of my birthday. Her friends at a difficult time. Two puppies. Or a cat. A lot of plants.

Because I want my garden is unique

Design and construction of gardens

Irrigation facilities

Furniture, pergolas and exteriorism

Personally selected plants in nursery, personal shopper

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